Thursday, November 25, 2010


Since Thanksgiving was right around the corner, I wanted to do something nice for someone to show them I was thankful for them. Then I thought a little deeper...I wanted to see who other people were thankful for and do something nice for someone that I maybe didn't even know. I asked my peeps on Facebook to email me a woman they are thankful for and why. I would then choose one and they would get a free photo session from me and an 8x10 print of there choice. The most common answers were, mothers, sisters, and daughters...but as always ONE email hit me. It wasn't a family member but a woman from someones past that left an impression on her and the hearts of her is that email...


I want to nominate Ms. Gail. I am most thankful for having an awesome child care giver for all those years. I never had to worry about if she would be there because, she always was. My children cried harder when it was time to leave than when I dropped them off. She taught them the basics of Love for God, your fiends and each other. She has touched so many little (and parents) lives over the years. We miss her very much. I think of her often and I am very blessed to have had her touch in my babies lives. She is a beautiful woman through and through. She gives of herself to her family, others families, and her church family. That town is blessed to have her taking care of some very precious citizens. 


 Ms. Gail has been a child care giver in this town as long as I can remember. She has cared for many, many children who have grown up and still appreciate the influence that she has had on their lives. Being touched by Allison's e-mail, I contacted a few people that I knew Ms. Gail had cared for through out the years.  I asked if any of them wanted to send her a note of appreciation of them was honored to take part in thanking one of our hometown angels. Here are just of few thank you's from the hearts of lives she has touched.

I want to thank you for putting up with me when I was at my worst (not that much has changed). I'm sure I was a handful back in the day. But I just want to thank you for everything. 
Austin Cooper

Just recently I had my first child Jiles. He has changed my life in every way. People can definitely tell that I am a first time mother. I have been very protective and sad to leave Jiles and return to work. I was fortunate enough to get Jiles into Mrs. Gails. Even though I did not want to leave him, I knew that he was in wonderful hands. Mrs. Gail has so much experience and is such a kind person. She is the best. I feel very blessed to have him in such great hands. So many parents have to send their children to people they don't know. Now when I drop Jiles off and Mrs. Gail says good morning Jiles smiles. He loves it. Mrs. Gail even gets pictures of him and all the fun he is having and posts them on Facebook. This makes my day because I get to see all the fun he is having. I cannot thank Gail enough for all of her patience and kind care she gives my handsome little man. I appreciate everything she does and admire her for begin such a wonderful hard working caregiver. She is amazing and my hats off to her. I don't know what Id do without her. 
Stephanie Swindell Monroe 

I LOVED going to Mrs. Gails after school! She was always a wonderful Christian influence in our lives. Every day when I got off the bus, I knew she would be waiting for me with a big smile and a hug. Even when I did things I wasn't supposed to, like get on the wrong bus and get off late or stick a key in the light socket and get quite a jolt, she was always there to tell me things were going to be alright. Even today, when I think of Mrs Gail, I think of how much better of a person I am because of her. Thank you Gail for making all of your and Gods children better people! My life has been enriched by you being a part of it. Thank you for helping mold me into the adult I am today. Love you!
Melanie Bell Chisam

Thanks to Gail for making us feel like we were part of the family. She was a very important and influential person in my life at a time when I truly needed someone like her. Thanks Gail!
- Mary Beth Sanders 

I caused that woman so much hell - I don't even know what to say..... - but thank you.... ;)
Mike Cooper

We love you more than any letter, blog or story can express. Please accept our warm smiles and our daily prayers thanking God for you to show our appreciation because if we tried to tell you with words I'm afraid you'll retire early.
The Smith Family
Michael B, Brooke, Marvin and Westin

I dedicate this "Final Thought" to you Ms. Gail: 

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for being more than you have to be for the children whose lives you mold and hearts you touch. Thank you for the lessons on love that you show to these little people whose parents trust you with are a great asset to this community and to the people in it. Thanksgiving isn't just about turkey, and family and the fellowship it brings, but its also about being thankful for each other. Thankful for the people who enrich our lives and teach us things about ourselves. You are a true life teacher, and for that we are all.....thankful.