Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SPC Tyra's Storybook Session

Normally I don't load actual "sessions" to the blog. I try to keep this for funny stories and projects...however, this is too precious NOT to share! Donald Tyra is a police officer here in my hometown and being in public safety you bond with people pretty easily, Donald is no exception. I went from calling him the "asshole night patrolman" to respecting him as an officer, and friend, in a very short time. We won't discuss him pulling me over at 4:00 am last April, but we will just say he makes a TERRIBLE first impression!

When he received orders that he would be deploying to Afghanistan, he asked that I take some shots of he and his son Harper to surprise his family...we totally did. This was one of those sessions that made me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. These images are precious in so many ways and the Tyra family has allowed me to share this video with the rest of the world.  Click the link below. Enjoy!

Regardless of your position on the war, political views, religious beliefs, or if you are a parent or not, this should touch your heart. These images are a reflection of unconditional love.....

On behalf of everyone who knows and loves you, we all wish you well and pray for your safety. You're in our thoughts and hearts until you return.