Thursday, February 3, 2011

"To Whom It May or May Not Concern"

So this thing says my last blog post was sometime around Thanksgiving but it feels like 6 months. I have had several inquiries on "when I am going to post another blog", "why haven't you posted anything", " the blog isn't current" blah, blah, blah. There are two truths to the reason I haven't blogged in a while and, against my better judgement, I am going to take the classy route instead of the white trash route in explaining my feelings.

1) I have been super busy (and blessed) with doing lots of part time photography.
2) I was a little discouraged by some things people were saying. Granted, I am a smart ass, say what's on her mind kind of girl, and you wouldn't think things would get to me.  Most things don't, HOWEVER, questioning my value as a person and reason behind my actions of the heart DO! I am setting the record straight RIGHT NOW...I am in NO way trying to be something I am not.What I do for people is what I want to do for people. Putting things on Facebook is a public challenge for others to step up and do for others as well.  I still burp like a trucker, fart like a man, cuss like a sailor, and ask for forgiveness for it all daily. I am a human being like everyone else that makes mistakes, says things she shouldn't and probably hurts peoples feelings doing it, but no one is perfect, certainly not me.

Final Thought:
My Daddy says " I can't look at your ass and read your mind" Daddy is right, I can't fix it if you're telling everyone but me...If people would spend as much time building people up as they did trying to knock them down, the world would be a much better place.  



Crystal Hawkins said...

Awesome post...and I think I would've taken the white trash road ;-)

Trina Edwards said...

my dearest jamie...

as you my already know my thoughts about gonna go ahead and tell you again! you are AMAZING!!!!! in more ways than one, you do so much for others that i cant even count on my fingers and toes or with yours put together. people are always going to judge and be stupid about what others do because they didnt think of it first, i am grateful that i have you as a friend, i always get a giggle, big ass laugh or a tear from you and ur posts. i love you girl and always always CHIN UP!!! ty for all you do and mostly for being you! <3