Monday, August 16, 2010

Here goes nothing!

So, as you can see I have decided to "blog"! I am not sure how to "blog" or if it is something I can even remember to keep up with. I have a Facebook, Twitter, two e-mail accounts and now I have decided to put my A.D.D into overdrive by adding a blog! I, am a glutton for punishment.

So the title of this blog site is..."Why God Made Me Funny", which is something I have asked myself many, many times in the past. I have a gift, it's my only gift, but none the less, it's my gift...I make people laugh.
I feel that we are put on a path at birth and along this path we are to learn, meet people, strengthen ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically until God decides he wants us back...God thinks my path is funny, apparently. If it can happen, it probably has, and to me. I have the WORST luck...OR (as I like to look at it) the best "re-tell" experiences.

I started sharing some of my day to days on Facebook about a year ago and people actually "liked" them...literally! I stated getting comments and posts that told me how funny I was, it's nice to know that people were even reading it, much less liking it! I figured if people thought my one liners about swamp ass and boob sweat were funny, they would really like some of the full length stories that never make it to Facebook!

Bottom line is this...I started a blog to tell people stories to make them laugh. I don't think I am better than anyone, funnier than anyone, smarter, prettier or anything else you people can come up with. I am just me...that's all I have ever been or will ever be. I will be sharing funny stories, family moments and over using commas from here on out...I hope you all enjoy!


bsmith said...

I love you Jamie and not just because you're funny...but it helps.

Barb said...

Having the gift of making someone laugh or smile in today's world is one of the best one can have as far as I'm concerned, so you are very blessed! I know ur dad is also very funny, so it has been passed on to you, just use it for the encouragement & lifting the spirit/s of urself & others. Take care

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I could HEAR every word you wrote!

Momma Jo

Annette said...

problem solved...i have to use IE to post. Can you change anything in your settings to allow comments from Firefox?? (I don't use IE anymore due to all the viruses.)

Awesome blog, btw. You're on your way my friend and you know what i mean. *wink wink

Luke said...

Can't wait to read some stories. Just FYI...I posted with Firefox.

Anonymous said...

I for one am THRILLED. Your Twitter comments are hilarious, and this blog is off to a phenomenal start. I added you to my blog roll b/c the three people who read mine will like your's too. - Wendy

Anonymous said...

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