Monday, October 11, 2010

"The Big Picture"

This is a quick look at Alexis, the teenage girl whose response to "Tell me why you, love you" stood out among almost 50 emails....

I spent the day with Alexis, including hair, make up, photo shoot and finally dinner. She is an absolute joy to be around. She is a Sophomore in high school yet has the soul of a grown woman. Here are a few photos from our "You Love You" shoot, including a few reasons why Alexis says she is happy just being....her.

I have an amazing ability to listen to people and make them feel comfortable to talk to me.

I like my hair color, my big brown eyes (that 
 sometimes for no reason change to hazel)

 I love that I am cautious where my heart is concerned. It takes me a long time to "love" someone or to make good friends but when I do it is unconditional and forever.


I love my obsessive need to always be on time.

My long legs.

I love my passion to help others

Final Thought:  Alexis is only 15 years old and has the wisdom of a 70 year old. She isn't going to let people, or the world tell her she can't be herself. Women everywhere live their lives letting things they can't change, or erase make them feel less than what they are really worth. Our scars are our story, and our story can only be written by you. Step outside of you and look at your "Big Picture". 

*Special thanks to Alexis and her mother for allowing her to be a part of my madness, as excited and proud as you all were, this warmed my soul as well.*


Anonymous said...

I cannot put into this small space how lucky I am to know such an amazing person. Jamie you are going to save lives with this small project. Any time you make someone smile, think, laugh, cry, think, or act you are already doing so.

Wendybird said...

Jamie you rock my socks!! I am the mom to a daughter who just turned 10, is like me in that she wears her heart on her sleeve for the world to see & sometimes break, she has her first crush on a boy, is funny, snarky, cute, pretty....but I worry about her. She is the child who cried to me in June that what if when she is in high school no boy asks her to the prom.
I am going to show her this and hope she picks up something from that amazing young woman.

Tricia said...

Beautiful pictures! Love em!

bsmith said...

I love this girl and I don't even know her. Great job Jamie!

dave/daddy said...

This is my daughter. She is so beautiful inside and out. She truly has a mark to make in this world and im so proud to call her mine.

Proud Grandma said...

This is my beautiful granddaughter. In one of the snapshots we have of her I have tagged he as"Pretty Face". That was at about the age of 4.
So as you can see she has always been beautiful. Now "LOOK OUT", here comes the concern, compassion and kindness of a young careing adult to go with that beauty. The world is at her finger tips. I wish for her the best life has to offer as she grows into an adult, I just want her to know how much I love her. And I credit her mom and dad for a job well done in instilling these traits in here. I love you sweetheart.